There’s a bit of a fuss when it  comes to the gele tying , yes but is it worth it? Of cause it is because it looks absolutely stunning when you tie a brilliantly wrapped Gele. You see, the Gele makes you look neat and presentable, it adds more beauty to your overall appearance, making you look like the sun shine’s bright above your head. Twisted and wrapped into place, the Gele firmly stays on your head and the best part is that you could always get them in different styles.

These are the popping Gele styles you should see;


Fanned Out

Wow Mix

Lovely Small Piece


Perfectly Wrapped



Sweet Glam


Certainly these popping gele styles have inspired you, it is clear that the designs are beautiful. Whether it is plain or beaded, as far as you twist them accordingly and keep them tightly in place you are most certainly going to have the look that you truly desire.


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