For those who would want to tie their Aso Oke gele by themselves here are 10 easy steps that you should follow;

  1. Start by folding in the ends of the gele, this would make a smooth base for the edge.
  2. Wrap the Gele around the head, from the back to the front ensuring that the two ends are equal.
  3. Take the left side and wrap it over the right side around the ear, secure it.
  4. Now take the right side and cross it over to the back of the head securing it with your hands at the back.
  5. Begin to measure and arrange the layers of the gele, do this at the right side and the back. Squeeze the ends to form a fan, ensure that the left side is firmly gripped.
  6. Repeat step five on the other side.
  7. Tie both ends close to you into a neat knot to secure the grip.
  8. Make sure the highest point of the gele is the middle after arranging the two layers that would have formed.
  9. Start moving each layer to the front by folding in little steps, and pleats. Make sure they are defined and well put together.
  10. Push the gele away from the face to give it the designed lift.
    If you didn’t understand this steps then watch the tutorial video below;


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