Steps On how to tie the Orente Gele

  • The Orente Gele comes with a rope in the middle towards the back end of the scarf.
  • Start from the back to the front in order to ensure the part with the rope is at the back of your head.
  • Pick the two ends of the Gele and pull them to the front of your head at the same time.
  • Gather the scarf properly and hold it tight
  • Then once you’ve gathered the part, firmly tie the rope around the gathered parts.
  • Tuck in the remaining parts of the rope so it wouldn’t dangle loosely in front.
  • Take both tips of the two edges and pin together underneath.
  • Then pin in the front sides 3/4 way through underneath the back.
  • Adjust and then tuck the center in.
  • You can choose to leave it at the center or simply push it a bit to the side.
    Am sure you might find reading rather exhausting, this video by Opeke-The African Beauty would help summarize it in one minute, the Orente Gele is really easy to achieve just follow the steps or simply watch the video.


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