Some people think because you can get your Gele tied neatly by an expert means you shouldn’t bother learning how to tie it? In Times like this My face sinks because I don’t understand that concept- Here’s a thought – I believe you know how to cook does that stop you from visiting the nearest eatery or restaurant? The answer is what would convince you to learn how to tie a simple Gele at least. I have another pointer; the way I see it, the use of the Gele is a way to connect to your culture and traditions and it’s also a way to feel good about being crafty.

What if you find yourself in a position where you can’t get a Gele expert? What would you do then? Well if you learn how to tie a simple Gele style all this would not be a problem, this is why we urge you to watch this tutorial video from YouTuber ,here you would at least know how to put your head-wrap together in a neat and fashionable form.

Watch The Tutorial Video Below




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