Unfortunately, not everyone can tie this gele and getting the perfect gele for any occasion is not an easy task howbeit getting the latest gele trend, the multi-pleated gele. This multi-pleated Gele has taken Nigerian Owambe by storm. Though it looks so complicated and every intricate detail is amazing. It is a unique and beautiful gele style which is currently trending in Nigeria. Many have taken the style to another level by adding crystals and beads but we can’t still get enough of the pleated gele.

As Africans, we take pride in our gele as it is pictured to be one of our numerous culture especially for brides and the owambe people. Gele seals the modern traditional look everytime and is perfect for styling iro and buba as it makes a major statement when tied perfect. From the infinity pleats gele to small gele, avantgarde and more, gele can be done in different styles to suit different occasion/individual preference.


Since we want to always look fleek and properly put together for owambes, our gele is also fundamental in achieving this look. Often times, we want our geles to be professionally done at all but we can always do them our themselves which is why we put together this gele tying tutorial for you.



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