In Nigeria today, makeup artistry and gele tying is a major source of income for many, simply because Nigerians love to look good. At social events and formal gatherings alike, women deck out in their very best making sure to have a stunning makeup look and a gele style that is on point, this attitude of cause is requisite to standing out.

Before these beautiful looks, most of these ladies got so confused on the style of gele to rock. This is one of the most frustrating occurrences especially when we are in a hurry for an occasion. Well not to worry, there are so many styles of gele you can rock to a traditional event especially if you want to make a difference or statement in a wedding or any Nigerian event.

We love fashion and to top it all, we think ladies would like this. Gele users have found more creative ways to style the firm material into different shapes and patterns. When worn, especially for more elaborate events, the gele typically covers the entire hair as well the ears.

We’ve got the perfect gele styles for you if you are even confused on the style to don on this week. Scroll down to see…










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