It’s all about weaves today. Weaves are really of the essence and I should know I wear wigs all the time, they are more protective than any other hairstyle that is if they are turned into wigs or they are fitted on your hair properly. Weaves allow your hair to grow and retain moisture, all you need to do is clean them regularly especially since it’s almost always humid here.


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For this week, to show you that you indeed can be creative with your weaves, we’ve brought a selection of hairstyle inspirations that would direct you on what style to have on for the coming week. Depending in who you are and what you like you can keep the weave on for as long as a month or a month and a half or as low as two weeks. It is important that when keeping it for longer periods you take trips to the salon to get it washed, carrying a dirty weave would only cause germs and emanate bad odours so you have to be very careful.


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Brown Weave Hairstyle With Bangs And Highlights


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Wine bob



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