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How to Tie Gele

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Simple Tutorial On How To Tie Gele (Video)

Watch simple way you can tie your gele  

How To Soften Hard Gele Before Tying

Do you have a hard gele and wondering how you are going to tie it?Watch this easy step you can use to soften your...

Easy Head Wrap Tutorial

Watch this head wrap tutorial that shows you how to tie your scarf in a turban style.

Beautiful Gele Styles

Looking for ideas for your gele? Here are beautiful styles you can rock.

3 Ways To Style Your Headscarf To Hijab

Watch different ways you can style your headscarf to an hijab.#headscarf #hijab #muslimladies

Easy Way Of Styling Your Ankara Hair Bonnet

Confuse on what to do on a bad hair day? watch this tutorial on how to style your Ankara hair bonnet.