We get the need to tie the Gele but do you understand the consequences of a Gele that isn’t tied properly? I bet you do and if you don’t let me spell it out for you – a Gele that is not well tied or styled is most likely going to ruin your appearance, so if you were gunning for the second best dressed at a ceremony, all that would go to sh*t if your Gele is awry. Let’s guide you through what to do before you start tying your Gele…

*Gather your hair up in a knot or a bun and leave your forehead    free and smooth.
*If you have a straight hair or not you can opt to cover it with a      wig cap just to make sure that it looks neat- this part is not          compulsory by the way.
* Now its time to start tying your Gele and you start by making a     fold


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