Due to our hectic schedules, most of us don’t have time to exercise regularly. Consequently, our health suffers.

For those who can’t make it frequently, you can try any sport, or go for a quick stroll after supper. Walking after dinner improves the amount of time between bedtime and dinner, which is incredibly important for a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few more reasons to exercise after supper for your health.

Improves digestion

Walking after dinner allows your body to produce more gastric enzymes along with allowing the stomach to assimilate the nutrients it has absorbed. This improves our digestion and reduces bloating, constipation and provides relaxation from any other stomach related problems.

Boosts metabolism

One of the easiest ways to boost metabolism is by going for a walk right after dinner instead of immediately laying down. This will help you burn more calories while you rest and will keep your body in good shape.

This means, walking after dinner is helpful for weight watchers too.

​Boosts immunity

Walking after dinner improves your digestion and thus flushes out the toxins from the body. This in turn makes your internal organs work better and improves your immunity. A strong immunity helps in keeping various infections away, including the severe ones like COVID-19.

Regulates blood sugar levels

Blood sugar spike starts 30 minutes after a meal. However, if you go for a walk after dinner, then some of the glucose is used by the body, which helps in keeping the blood sugar levels in check.

​Reduces cravings

Do you often reach for a snack even after having a full meal? Then you must try going for a walk after dinner. Midnight snacking is usually unhealthy and hampers your weight loss programme, if you are already full. Walking after a meal makes you more satisfied and reduces any kind of cravings at night.

​Helps you sleep better

Along with keeping you physically fit, walking after dinner also has benefits for your mental health. If you have trouble sleeping at night, go for a walk after dinner every night and you will soon see the results.

Walking can help you relax and thus makes you fall asleep faster.


Walking helps in eliminating stress and releasing endorphins in your body. This makes you feel better and uplifts your mood. Thus, walking after dinner can keep you happy and beat depression.


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