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Weightloss Shopping List

Weightloss Shopping List

Here is your shopping list for the next 12 days. It has been divided into two parts, days 1-6 and days 7-12. This will ensure that the produce you buy remains fresh.

Buy organic produce where possible
Buy fresh greens
Fruit can be fresh or frozen
If using frozen fruit, you can buy for days 7-12 in advance

Days 1-6

  • Fruits
    9 small bananas
    7 lemons
    4medium cucumbers
    3medium pineapples
    3large oranges
    2medium pears
    1medium red apple
    Mixed frozen berries
    (strawberry or Grape anyone you can find it in supermarkets)
    strawberries(supermarket or ShopRite)
  • Beverages
    1-liter coconut milk
  • Others
    ground flaxseed
    mint leaf
    Ground cinnamon
    Extra vegetables
    Nuts like almond nut or walnut for your snack
    Bottle for storing smoothies
    Meat(chicken or turkey make sure u remove d skin just eat the inside)
    vegetables for daily meal
  • Vegetables
    spinach (vegetables)
    kale (it’s a type of vegetable you can get it in ShopRite)

Days 7-12

  • Fruits
    6 medium cucumber
    4 large oranges
    3 small bananas
    2 medium peaches
    2medium pears
    1small pineapple
    1small watermelon
    red grapes
  • Vegetables
    baby spinach
  • Beverages
    Coconut milk
  • Other
    Extra vegetables/fruit/nuts/seeds of choice for snacking.
    * stevia to sweeten if required.